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A/B Operator Services

If you are an owner or operator of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) in New Jersey, you are now required by the NJ-DEP to designate a Class A, Class B and Class C operator. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that owners and operators of USTs properly operate and maintain UST systems including:

  • Release Detection and Leak Monitoring
  • Spill and Overfill Prevention
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Product and Equipment Compatibility
  • Testing, Inspecting, Reporting and Recordkeeping

Owners and operators can designate themselves as Class A, Class B, or Class C operators, or they can designate contractors or their employees. If contractors or employees are designated, the UST system owners and operators still retain liability for all regulatory issues, including ensuring their Class A, B, and C operators have received the required training and passed the applicable examinations.

Lutz’s Trained and Certified professionals provide A/B Operator Consulting Services that enable you to comply with the new regulations.  In this capacity, Lutz will provide a designee for you to list on your tank registration for one year, train responsible individuals in the requirements for these new regulations and provide ongoing support for UST inspections and reporting to the State of NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

To learn more about our A/B Operator Services, please contact us by completing the form below or call 908-862-8888.

“Class A operator” means the individual designated by the owner and operator to have primary responsibility to operate and maintain the UST system in accordance with applicable requirements of this chapter. The Class A operator typically manages resources and personnel, such as establishing work assignments, to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

“Class B operator” means the individual designated by the owner and operator to have day- to-day responsibility for implementing applicable regulatory requirements established by the Department. The Class B operator typically implements in-field aspects of operation, maintenance, and associated recordkeeping for the UST system.

“Class C operator” means an individual designated by the owner and operator to be responsible for initially responding to emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST system. The Class C operator typically controls or monitors the dispensing or sale of regulated substances. To become a Class A or Class B operator in New Jersey, a person must complete a training class through Rutgers University and pass an International Code Council (ICC) examination

Here is a link to FAQs that we can link to and use for more information: A/B Operator FAQS.

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