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UST Compliance Testing and Decommissioning

In New Jersey and Florida, the underground storage tank professionals at Herbert Lutz & Company handle the full range of UST compliance testing required by the EPA, NJDEP and FDEP to keep you in business and avoid costly fines and violations.

Stage II Vapor Recovery Compliance

Herbert Lutz & Company performs static pressure (pressure decay) testing, pressure vacuum vent valve (PVV) testing, and vapor blockage (dynamic back pressure) testing. Our technicians are certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to re-certify the electronic leak monitoring system for tanks and piping required for proper release detection monitoring (RDM) to ensure regulatory compliance. We test the line leak detectors (LLDs) of Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) annually, and ensure that Vacuum Assist dispenser nozzles are in compliance with manufacturer tolerances (air over liquid or A over L test). In addition, we perform hydrostatic testing on piping sumps and spill buckets in quick response to any NJDEP notice of violations (NOVs). If you receive an NOV for possible contamination or suspected release that requires a seven (7) day investigation, call us quickly. This may avoid a costly site investigation saving you a lot of money. We can also provide cathodic protection (CP) testing and precision testing of tanks and piping.

Vapor Recovery system testing

New Hydrostatic Testing Regulations Coming Down the Pike

A new level of compliance is required as of October 13, 2018. These new EPA regulations require owners and operators to utilized trained Class A, B and C operators and perform periodic testing of spill prevention equipment, release detection equipment, overfill equipment and more. The new rules also require owners and operators to perform periodic walkthrough inspections and conduct release detection on emergency generator tanks. In addition, field-constructed tanks which were previously deferred must now start meeting EPA requirements.

Herbert Lutz & Company includes professionals licensed in the state of New Jersey with UST Certification in tank installation, closure, and subsurface evaluation, as well as licensed site remediation professionals (LSRP). We also maintain Florida certifications as pollutant storage system contractors and building contractors. You can count on our firm to conduct the right compliance testing to keep you in compliance and avoid costly fines and site investigations.

Call Herbert Lutz & Company for UST Compliance Testing in New Jersey and Florida

For advanced, professional assistance in UST compliance testing, call Herbert Lutz & Company, in Florida at 954-971-5222, or in New Jersey at 908-862-8888.

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