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Tank Lining & Coating Contractor

Herbert Lutz & Company can save customers tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of replacement tanks by epoxy lining existing tanks. We can repair leaking double-wall tanks where corrosion of the internal tank has allowed product to leak into the annular space. We are certified to perform New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) required tank lining inspections and can assist with obtaining regulatory approval to repair tank lining that has failed an epoxy lining inspection. We specialize in epoxy lining heating oil tanks located in vaults beneath buildings or under city sidewalks where replacement of such tanks would be extremely costly. We can also epoxy line fiberglass and concrete tanks, above-ground tanks and secondary containment areas or vessels. The EnvirolineĀ® 125U two-component epoxy coating application is 100% methanol and ethanol resistant. Our certified professionals and hazmat-trained staff ensure that this process is performed efficiently and safely.

Tank Lining

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